The oceans are recovering, let's keep it that way.

About Us

There is a silent magic that comes from the water. It's why as humans we are naturally fascinated by it's aura. Since the beginning of time, humans have longed to conquer and traverse our oceans. Here at Golden Surf, we know that. That's why we made it our mission to bring this lifestyle to anyone and everyone while making a change in the process.

Co-Founders Ricky and Zack grew up in Highland Lakes, a small community in Northern New Jersey and if the name was any indicator, they've been around water their whole life. Whether one was spending a summer on a lake with some friends or down at the Jersey Shore, a water-based lifestyle seemed inevitable. So, they set out to provide a means of making a positive impact on our oceans and other bodies of water while encouraging people to get active. That's why Golden Surf has partnered with the Ocean Foundation to further their work. Along with many other varying marine conservation foundations whose sole goal is to further the health and conservation of our lakes and oceans, we believe their is nothing more important than healthy oceans.

We don't just want you out on the water- we want you to appreciate the beauty behind it. So come help us make a change.